Final Banner
Final Banner
Generica BOLD purple
Generica BOLD purple
Generica purple
Generica purple
Bright Green
Bright Green
"Gill Sans" font
“Gill Sans” font
"Generica" font
“Generica” font
"Bold Free Shipping"
“Bold Free Shipping”
"Honey Script Design"
“Honey Script Design”
"Pacifico Design"
“Pacifico Design”
"Scriptina Dark Design"
“Scriptina Dark Design”
"Full Photo Circles Design"
“Full Photo Circles Design”
"Color Circles Design" NOTE: Could use any color scheme.
“Color Circles Design” NOTE: Could use any color scheme.

“Circles Design” NOTE: the circles can have tinted backgrounds that mix where they overlap. I just used gray to save time.




“Vertical Lines Design”



“Plain Design 1”june_2015_banner_4



“Plain Design 2” june_2015_banner_3



“Plain Design 3” june_2015_banner_2